Hashem Law Firm is a trial advocacy firm that does primarily personal injury, medical negligence, and auto accidents litigation. They have more than 40 years of experience on trials in courtrooms all over Arkansas; providing victims with a sense of hope and the opportunity to defend their rights.

When it comes to justice, integrity, and courage Hashem Law Firm knows best. Their commitment to defend the rights of citizens all over the Natural State began with Hani Hashem and his strive to provide the best legal service anyone could find. Thus creating this AV preeminent law firm.

Whether it’s a big corporation, insurance company, bank, or a person with legal issues, Hashem Law Firm makes sure to get any of their clients the quality and aggressiveness they need from a trial lawyer to win their case.

Highly experienced lawyers have the knowledge and resources to get the best possible outcome for any trial case and get their clients the compensation they deserve.

At Hashem Law Firm, each trial lawyer has their area of expertise. Personal injury lawyers defend clients who have been in accidents, while criminal defense lawyers represent people who have been accused of crimes. Family law attorneys will deal with divorce, child custody, and other family issues.

According to recent data, only 2% of civil cases go into trial. That means 98% of civil lawsuits are either settled or dismissed. Trial lawyers play a huge role in determining the outcome of these civil cases.

Trial lawyers at Hashem Law Firm can negotiate settlements, but if a settlement can’t be reached, they take the case to court and argue on their client’s behalf. Jury trials are rare, so it’s up to the trial lawyer most of the time to convince the judge what is fair and just.

Going to the courtroom can be terrifying. The credibility of your argument may hinge on the strength of your trial lawyer. Professional court lawyers from Hashem Law Firm are well known and trusted by judges in Arkansas. Thanks to their amazing performance in courtrooms, they’ve been rated with the highest score possible on legal ability and ethics

Victims who feel hopeless or don’t like how their case is being handled can contact Hashem Law Firm for legal assistance. Expert lawyers will listen to the details of each case and begin working on an appropriate defense strategy. Any consultation can be scheduled through their website at https://hashemlawfirm.com/, guaranteeing each client’s total privacy and professionalism towards any sensitive information.

Contact name: Hani W. Hashem

Email: hwh@hashemlawfirm.com

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