The care provider serves seniors across NYC with in-home services that can help limit exposure to the COVID virus

As new variants of COVID flair up across the globe, many seniors are looking for ways to limit their exposure to the virus while still maintaining critical human connections. With cases of the virus still running high and the elderly most at risk, many seniors can benefit from services that can still help them maintain their households and well-being without unnecessarily increasing their exposure to the virus. Throughout the pandemic, one NYC-based in-home care provider has offered this support to seniors and continues to serve New York City’s seniors with excellence and compassion by limiting their exposure to the COVID virus and offering a helping hand around the home.

Touching Hearts at Home NYC, a New York City-based senior in-home services provider, offers elderly clients across New York City a variety of non-medical in-home care options. These services help seniors age in place at home and protect them against a host of illnesses, such as COVID, the flu, and more. In addition to offering valuable services, Touching Hearts at Home NYC’s caregivers also ensure clients have regular connections with other people, which is a vital component of well-being as we age and a concern for seniors who may be limiting contact because of the COVID pandemic.

For seniors who are either homebound or simply looking for an extra helping hand, Touching Hearts at Home NYC’s caregivers offer various valuable services to meet their needs. Caregivers can help create shopping lists and do a client’s grocery shopping. Additionally, for clients who do not drive and cannot use public transportation or are wary to do so, the provider’s 5-star rated caregivers offer accompaniment to medical appointments and act as an advocate during them. Caregivers can also help provide in-home companionship with friendly conversation, watching movies together, or putting together puzzles to ensure clients engage in human interactions while also limiting potential exposure risks to harmful viruses.

Touching Hearts at Home NYC’s caregivers provide drop-in services for a few hours a day or overnight care for more pressing needs, including care for patients diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

“For many seniors, the COVID pandemic has been devastating, limiting their connections with the outside world. Touching Hearts at Home NYC’s caregivers have been there for NYC’s elderly throughout the pandemic, offering safe companionship and a helping hand with errands when they need it most,” said Craig Sendach, owner of Touching Hearts at Home NYC. “For seniors who want to continue to limit their exposure to illness, our caregivers are eager to help make life easier and reduce risks by running errands, going grocery shopping, and coordinating transportation to appointments. With the aid of in-home help, seniors across NYC can maintain some level of normalcy and enjoy companionship without exposing themselves to unnecessary risks.”

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About Touching Hearts at Home NYC Area

About Touching Hearts at Home NYC Area – Touching Hearts NYC offers in-home care to aging adults, seniors, and individuals living with medical conditions and disabilities at rates considerably more affordable than care outside the home. The agency is known for Non-Medical Home Care, Companionship and Homemaker services in New York City’s Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, Queens, and Rockland areas. Its focus is on providing person-centered care to help those in need remain in their home, maintain the lifestyle they choose, and feel confident they will be treated with the respect and kindness they deserve.