Railway subject matter experts meet in London United Kingdom and Arlington Virginia to address cyber risk to operational technology across the transport sector.

Protecting modern railway infrastructure from cyber attacks is imperative and in many cases overlooked or neglected in the push for digital transformation. To remain competitive organisations must adopt new technologies, processes and business models, all of which can deliver significant shareholder value, but are not without their share of cyber risk. The increase in supply chain and ransomware attacks across critical infrastructure and manufacturing industries has highlighted just how vulnerable our interconnected systems are and the transportation sector is no exception. How can we innovate securely? Transport and logistics are crucial to our economy’s success, globally.

This March 15/16th in London United Kingdom and May 12/13th in Arlington Virgina, Cyber Senate will host it’s Rail Cybersecurity conferences for the sector, providing cyber security experts, product manufacturers and asset owners a unique forum to better define how we collaborate, share best practices and define our maturity in acting on and operationalising intelligence.

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Cybersecurity conferences for operational technology. Cyber Senate host an authoritative niche portfolio of high-quality events and digital initiatives addressing cybersecurity for operational technology across transport, manufacturing, energy, nuclear, healthcare, and the OEM product development lifecycle. Our communities boast some of the most forward-thinking authorities across the world, working tirelessly to ensure the safety of our society