Let’s talk about diversity and inclusion continuing in the world of pageantry. The International Ms. system crowns its 1st two women of color as their national title holders. Empowering and celebrating woman of entrepreneurship, community service and excellence is what the International Ms. Pageant stands for. Shenetta Malkia, International Ms. USA 2021 is a 2x suicide attempt survivor who runs her non-profit Empowerment Essence working to eradicate suicides and bullying. International Ms. USA 2021 is also the CEO of The PMs Of the City real estate firm, lead actress in the new film Tried by Fire and an author who has just completed her second anthology project Fearless Woman Rock Volume 3 “Dear Broken Girl”. Her story of surviving suicide, domestic violence and many other traumatic events such as discrimination in the workplace will awaken one to heal and speak out on purpose with purpose. Malkia is empowering others to live and not die by suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among youth and young adults ages 10 to 24.

When you think of inclusion include the International Ms. Pageant as they crown two women of color as their national title holders.  Your International Ms. USA 2021 is Shenetta Malkia who held the title of International Ms. District of Columbia 2021 prior to the pageant held in Sept. 2021 in New York City during fashion week. The second woman of color crowned is your International Mrs. USA 2021 is Dr. Jackie Edwards.

Shenetta Malkia is the CEO of The PMs Of the City, a local real estate firm in the DMV area. Malkia is also the Founding President of Empowerment Essence: a local non-profit working to eradicate suicide and bullies within communities.  When it’s not everything real estate it’s everything mental health says Malkia as she speaks about surviving domestic violence and many other challenges along the way of her life.  Shenetta is also a contributing author for the 2nd time in the newly published anthology Fearless Woman Rock Volume 3 “Dear Broken Girl”. The book can be found at dearbrokengirl.com and on Amazon.

Malkia is working to save lives while changing the face of real estate.

As a two-time survivor of suicide and two-time crowned Ms. Shenetta is taking her story and the power of healing to new levels by incorporating new healing retreats for woman each year called Crown Check  The events are produced by Empowerment Essence as malkia continues to be a light to those who are facing dark times. She has touched over 5 thousand lives through conferences, workshops and many more outreach activities. The plans ahead speak of more healing for communities with practical tools and assistance. No one has to suffer or be in pain alone. If you are in crisis, Malkia reminds you to call 1.800. 273.TALK. Mental health matters today, tomorrow and forever.  Shenetta has taken her pain and used it for great purpose

Empowerment Essence was established in 2014 and serves both youth and young adults. The organization is advocating and being a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. Shenetta tells the intro to the full story of brokenness, abandonment, self-esteem issues and rising back after her attempts to die, facing domestic violence and dealing with loss and grief.

Through a series of educational and healing workshops and events, Ms. Malkia is giving back and pouring out at a time when mental health awareness is greatly needed.  Being ashamed to admit you need help or want help is something Ms. Malkia relates to outside of the multiple other stigmas that surround mental health disorders.

Crown Check is the newest program and retreat created by Malkia giving woman the opportunity to travel and heal!

As a mother, daughter, friend, advocate, and survivor Malkia thanks you for helping take the national and international concern of suicides and follow up care main stream. To find out how you can help in the area of sponsorship email info@empowermentessence.org . To learn more about the trainings and additional programs visit dearbrokengirl.com

About Empowerment Essence

Empowerment Essence Inc., is a non-profit organization mentoring and supporting those who have been and are hurting from life’s experiences. Provide trainings, workshops, resources and additional programs so more individuals and communities are aware of Suicide Prevention & Bullying