With the acquisition of the IT company Sofus Døgndata, Visma adds another company to the growing portfolio of companies that have targeted solutions for the municipal sector in Denmark.


“A few years ago, we set out to provide software solutions that support digitalisation in municipalities and contribute to increasing efficiency. The goal is to become a significant partner for the municipalities. With the acquisition of Sofus Døgndata, we are continuing to expand our commitment in this sector,” said Lars Berthelsen, director of the Custom Solutions Division in Denmark.

Sofus Døgndata was founded in 2009 with a mission of removing the many handwritten reports that alternated back and forth between residential institutions, foster families and municipal agencies. Over 10,000 users now use their solutions in more than 240 residential institutions and 26 municipalities.

“Our opportunities to develop existing products and add new ones increase markedly with the competence and knowledge we get through Visma. Today we have agreements with 26 municipalities – a position we hope to be able to expand in the coming years in collaboration with Visma”, said CEO of Sofus Døgndata, Martin Lyngby Hansen.

“Sofus Døgndata will be a strong card in our growing ecosystem of companies and fits in well with our strategy of being able to offer a wide range of digital solutions aimed at the public segment,” concludes Lars Berthelsen.

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