A new start up helps legal teams easily find expert witnesses to enable them to build and support their cases.

Legal Experts Direct announces they have launched an online database to help people find expert witnesses and legal consultants for legal cases and mediations. The new online database will provide easy access to hundreds of qualified experts.

The idea for the service came about in 2016 when creative and executive director, Starla Manivong helped a friend track down a legal expert for a complicated custody battle. The process took many frustrating months. To that end, Manivong recognized an unmet need and vowed to make this process easier for others in the future. Her vision came to life and the new and updated platform relaunched in 2021.

“I found an underserved market for expert witnesses,” Manivong explained. “Some of their specialties are so specific that there are literally only a few experts in the world. By making this information accessible to both legal teams and individuals, we hope to help numerous people understand their options and their own legal situations better.”

Legal Experts Direct (LED) has already seen success as they work to expand and dominate the expert witness marketplace. Expert witnesses pay a membership fee to be listed on the site. From there, visitors to Legal Experts Direct can search by name, keyword or by category to find the exact expert they need for their case. The LED directory spans every category from forensic experts, financial experts, business experts, medical experts and more. The site provides detailed information, experience, and accomplishments on each expert and users can contact experts directly through the LED website if they choose.

While Legal Experts Direct (LED) is a nationwide service, Manivong is excited to grow the business from her hometown of Beaverton, Oregon. The company has acquired 2,500 square feet of office space in the 217 corridor of Beaverton. This acquisition is in anticipation of business growth and the addition of staff in 2022. “I grew up here in Beaverton,” Manivong said. “My children go to school here and any way we can help the community by bringing jobs, we will do it. The people of Beaverton and Portland Metro are the best in the world.”

For more information about Legal Experts Direct, please visit https://legalexpertsdirect.com/.


Starla Manivong – Executive Director



About Legal Experts Direct

Legal Experts Direct is an extensive and diverse online collection of litigation support and expert witness services. The free, easy-to-use platform allows legal teams and individuals to find the exact expertise they need and gives experts an opportunity to offer their valuable services. For more information, please visit https://legalexpertsdirect.com/.