Julie-Ann Simpson is an author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, model, and content creator. Her career is based on counseling/coaching sessions which are an investment for anyone, especially for women who want to be the best version of themselves.

Julie-Ann is driven by a desire to encourage and counsel those in need. She believes that everyone has a purpose in life. And for this reason, Julie-Ann Simpson founded the brand HIS-jules Purpose. It began with her posting encouraging posts and words of wisdom on several social media platforms via her profile, groups, and pages, targeting an audience with content related to spirituality, positive self-talk, affirmations, confidence building for everyone regardless of their beliefs or background, empowerment for women, and inspiration for Christian single men and women who are preparing for marriage and strengthening their relationship with God.

HIS-jules Purpose is a reflection of God’s overall plan for life.” HIS” stands for GOD, and Jules is written in smaller fonts to remind me to remain humble before God. The name was divinely inspired to share her faith, optimism, talents, and services. Julie has been inspiring others to find their purpose, monetize their talents, and develop a positive mindset for over 20 years.

This entrepreneur is not a mental health professional, but her wisdom, knowledge, and experience help others become the best versions of themselves. Julie-Ann Simpson’s services will be expanded in the future to include collaboration with psychotherapists, therapists, and mental health counselors through her website.

Julie-Ann Simpson’s audience is people who do not want to go through traditional counseling or do not have anyone with whom they can confide about their problems. She is also about to release her best-selling book! “You’re Really Not Alone.”

It has not been an easy journey for her. Along the way, she encountered numerous setbacks, failures, and obstacles. However, her perspective on things has remained positive, knowing that her purpose will be realized. Throughout her journey, she learned the value of focusing on the positive and genuine. Through her book, you will learn to overcome obstacles, discover your purpose, and heal from trauma.

She spreads positivity and motivation through her clothing line, mental health advocacy, and content creation via public speaking, blogging, podcasting, books, and one-on-one paid sessions with individuals.

Julie-Ann is now providing one-on-one coaching sessions to women who have experienced narcissistic abuse and trauma following a breakup. She will also be offering a breakup trauma recovery course for both men and women. For speaking engagements, please email bookme@hisjulespurpose.com.

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