LCSD steps up patrols to ensure venue users comply with anti-epidemic requirements (with photos)


     The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) has stepped up patrols at its leisure and cultural venues yesterday and today (January 15 and 16), calling on venue users to abide by the anti-epidemic regulations. Repeated offenders are prosecuted after verbal warnings are ignored in order to reduce the chances of virus spreading in the community.

     Promotional leaflets as well as venue broadcast and notices were used to urge foreign domestic helpers to comply with the legal requirements during patrols by the staff of LCSD and relevant departments .

      Up to 4pm today, more than 3 700 times verbal advice were given out during patrols of venues by the LCSD staff over the weekend.

      The LCSD will continue to step up patrols and take enforcement action against offenders.