What happens when a young donkey decides to leave his comfort zone? What if he abandons the relative safety of their valley and follows his heart on a journey of discovery? Will he simply encounter peril, or will he be able to learn more about himself and the world around him?


Join Linda Elliott as she introduces yet another book that will delight both children and adults. She presents, “Flayvo the Can Do Donkey.”


The story chronicles the exploits of a young and rambunctious donkey. Flayvo, who had always been curious about what was beyond their valley, yearned to explore the nearby mountains, the narrow river where they drank pure water, and the enormous cave beside the river. Flayvo’s mother, fearful about his safety, consistently denies her son’s requests for permission. One day, however, changed Flayvo’s life forever. Flayvo learns a lifetime’s worth of lessons on survival and the Great Creator’s loyalty once their herd leader agrees to accompany him on his journeys.


Linda Elliott’s unique writing style smoothly merges adventure with faith in yet another fun-filled book that will definitely tickle the imaginations of children. Flayvo will undoubtedly fascinate children while also instilling in them the principle of trusting God. It will also elicit a sense of anticipation in them, encouraging them to experiment and try new things. The book also includes hand-drawn images that will captivate and hold the interest of any youngster.


What awaits the courageous duo? What lessons can Flayvo take home? Grab your copy today.


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Title: Flayvo The Can Do Donkey

Author: Linda J. Elliott

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: December 2021

Book Genre: Children’s Book


About the Author:

Linda Joyce Thornsberry Elliott is the author and illustrator of several books including Pumpkin Pilgrimage, Fun In The Park, The High-Back Forty, Who’s Going To Tie Your Shoes, Billy Bob’s Bean Patch, Among The Elbows, Three Trees Over, and Doctor Cow. The book Behold Easter is written by Linda but Willie, her husband, did the photography, and she is the author of Back Street Butterfly which is illustrated by Lewis Newman.

She is a graduate of Alice Lloyd College in ‘Knott County Kentucky where she attended for two years and then attended and graduated from Berea College in Madison County Kentucky. She taught kindergarten and first grade for twenty-seven years. She is now retired and lives in McDowell, Kentucky with her husband Willie. They have one son Ryan.