Lands Department releases figures on registered lease modifications, land exchanges, private treaty grants and lot extensions in fourth quarter of 2021


     The Lands Department (LandsD) announced today (January 14) that it registered 23 lease modifications and six land exchanges in the Land Registry during the quarter ending December 2021, of which two were modifications of a technical nature involving nil premium.

     Among these 29 land transactions, eight are located on Hong Kong Island, 12 are in Kowloon and nine are in the New Territories. The transactions exclude Small House cases.


     A further four lots were granted by private treaty during the period. Two were granted to the Hong Kong Housing Authority for public housing developments off Anderson Road and in Kai Tak; one was granted to the Urban Renewal Authority for residential development in To Kwa Wan; and the remaining one was granted for the development of a student hostel in Sha Tin.


     There were no lot extensions registered during the quarter.


     The above land transactions realised a total land premium of about $12,370.046 million.


     Transaction records of the lease modifications, land exchanges, private treaty grants and lot extensions, including those registered recently, are uploaded to the LandsD website ( on a monthly basis. Details of the transactions may be obtained by searching the registered documents in the Land Registry.