12 high school students will learn from Condé Nast’s editorial and creative teams in a New York-based pilot program.


Condé Nast has partnered with Educational Alliance to launch CondéFuture, a youth enrichment and mentorship pilot program designed for high school students in New York City.

The project was developed in collaboration with Educational Alliance, a community-based organization working with students from underrepresented communities, and the Global Content Operations team at Condé Nast including Global Head of Creative Operations Mark Lemerise and External Policy Advisor Hildy Kuryk. The New York-based pilot program aims to inspire and nurture a new generation of multimedia artists and create opportunities for them to learn from and be mentored by Condé Nast talent as they take the first steps toward college or careers.

Over the course of the two-year program, 12 high school students will participate in weekly lessons and activities covering photography, fashion styling, creative writing, talent scouting, digital media and more. These lessons are led by Condé Nast’s creative and editorial teams and assisted by teaching professionals with experience working alongside community-based organizations and youth development.

Students will apply what they learn by sourcing stories, creating photo and video content, casting mock cover shoots and creating mood boards for styling spreads. The program will culminate in a final project that showcases each student’s portfolio.