“We’re excited to join the Amazon Activate for Startups program, which supports our mission of making commercial use of our AI platform seamless from launch to scale,” said Jeremy Denbow, founder and CEO of AirAI.us. “We are building a suite of compelling product and service offerings including our most recent move – we’re unlocking the short-term rental market for commercial real estate – we’re like Airbnb for Ghost Kitchens.

“The financial support from Amazon initiated with the $11,500 in credits to Air AI last week will scale up to $101,500 in Amazon credits to Air AI in 2022. This support was spearheaded by Air AI’s participation in NVIDIA’s Startup Incubator, Inception Global. Amazon’s collaboration will support Air AI’s expansion into new markets and ensure our technology offering continues to be a leader in the market.”

Amazon Web Services Activate Program helps founders and startups validate their MVP, design and validate their product, build their MVP, and get their business online. They connect startups with the right people, products, or best practices to help their startup grow. They provide Amazon Web Service cloud platform credits as well as additional resources such as connecting with Venture Capital, architecture guidance, pre-built AWS infrastructure templates, and more.

The Amazon Activate for Startups Program will benefit AirAI.us by providing computing and development resources and access to its global network of deep learning experts and thought leaders to accelerate global adoption of AirAI.us’s technology in key industries including e-commerce, machine learning, and real estate.

AirAI.us’s easy-to-use automated AI software uses advanced deep learning techniques to design, train, and deploy high-performing AI models for a wide range of applications including in-App (iOS, Android) recognition of buildings from a video stream (“video search”) which assists users by connecting them with real estate listings in those buildings and a web-based platform that allows hosts to generate revenue by listing both residential and commercial spaces as short term rentals.

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Air AI

Air AI is a software company based in downtown Miami that focuses on commercial use of Artificial Intelligence, with a concentration on adding value to real estate transactions


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