The author believes success is making a decision that allows the universe to conspire your success

Rarely does success come with your first try; rather, it’s a matter of trial and error, sweat and tears, and falling down and getting up. The pages of Breakthrough Leadership with Melissa Wade (now available on Amazon) will take its readers on the journey of our author’s life and demonstrate how exploring your passions, using your talents, and being relentless will lead you to create a life of success.

Coming from the Midwest, Melissa Wade made her way to Los Angeles and spent twenty years building several successful businesses, after which she relocated to Phoenix. She is a social media influence who has done hundreds of ads on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Amazon. She also runs an online group that focuses on body positivity, health, and community. Wade’s business has been featured in several newspaper articles and online publications with VoyageLA. She is a strong believer in dreaming big, the power of positive thinking, and celebrating small daily “wins” that lead to big successes. Taking this lesson from her own life, she explains to her readers that life will pave your path to success, no matter how challenging, if it’s right for you: “Isn’t it amazing how what is perceived as the impossible, when it is the right thing for your life, will start lining up and unfolding just the way it is supposed to?”

Wade shares about her journey of struggle from failed work experiences that brought her down and having to experience an ugly divorce. But as soon as she realized her goal, potential, and the support system around her, she reignited the flame of her desires and went after what she was passionate about.

“I was also able to start dreaming again, reconnecting with who I really am and what I’m passionate about. I started my journey of healing and discovery,” says Wade.

Breakthrough Leadership with Melissa Wade is bound to inspire those who’ve experienced failure in their business and are looking for something to spark their desire to try again. Failures don’t end your journey. Wade’s story will show you that failure is just a stepping stone.

Kelly Robinson, Wade’s childhood friend and a practicing nurse, expresses how Wade’s sense of self-motivation is contagious: “I’ve known Melissa since the fourth grade, and she has always been immensely motivated, a self-starter, and most importantly, willing to help a friend in need. As we became older, she used that self-motivation to create an amazing brand for herself. She has an extremely successful business because she truly believes in what she sells and cares for her clients’ best interests. She has also expanded her willingness to help a friend into a passion for helping others that goes beyond her friends and family, though she will always hold those she cares for close to her heart. I am blessed and grateful to know her.”

Rachel Crocker, a boutique owner and entrepreneur, spills out her heart, speaking of Wade’s determined nature: “I got to witness [Wade’s] determination firsthand when she not only gave her best to the people she led but also provided for her family by working on becoming the best version of herself! I had some wonderful conversations with her about her life, and with everything she was dealing with, she was still a badass boss! I looked to her as a force of power, and she made me want to be better! I have loved watching her grow as a person, a leader, and a true inspiration to everyone she meets! Melissa is a rare gem. Real. Honest. Strong-willed. A go-getter. Caring. And most of all, determined. I truly am amazed by how Melissa has just stormed the castle per se and RULED! What a wonderful thing to see! A woman kicking ass and taking names!”

Breakthrough Leadership with Melissa Wade is now for sale on Amazon.

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