After two years designing, writing, rewriting, testing and launching, Metanoia is set to graduate its’ inaugural class of future Executive Coaches. “The inaugural pilot class will graduate on March 7th and the ICF accreditation application will be submitted. Our dream is to expose as many as possible to our Learning & Development division and enhance education in the coaching industry. By remaining on course, we have been able to generate a value-added Coaching Certification component to our already accredited 8-Hour Listening Cohort. Our goal is to empower others to follow their desire to become Certified through an accredited program,” commented Lisa Karell, President of Metanoia. The waitlist for the second pilot class is opened now.

About Metanoia: Since 2017, Metanoia has been dedicated to enabling others to discover and then be the best version of themselves possible. The concept began as a sticky note which culminated into a business plan and then due to very unforeseen circumstances, official existence in January, 2019. Headquartered just outside of Washington, DC, Metanoia’s services are available to clients from the US, to Canada, and as far away as India. Our program is uniquely different because Lisa has been a life-long servant leader, an executive and utilized those combined skills to create a program that contains real-world experiences while following the core competencies, standards and ethics as required by the ICF.

Company mission: The mission of Metanoia is that together, we will traverse change through discovery. We will SOAR – Stretch your limits, Optimize your effectiveness, Actualize your goals and Realize positive and profitable change. Our relationship will be collaborative, co-creative based on trust and accountability and we approach everything through a mindset of non-judgment.

Metanoia Academy