The book talks about the rationality and objectivity in the history of physical and biological sciences, making it an immensely valuable book to students of history and philosophy of science.

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“Taking The History of Science Really Seriously” is divided into three parts: a reexamination of the Copernican Revolution (I), history of evolutionary inquiries (II), and genetics (III). The book makes extensive use of primary sources in the history of science, particularly extensive quotations from Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Lyell, and Darwin, as well as research papers in evolutionary genetics available online from


This book is about rationality and objectivity in the history of physical (planetary astronomy and classical physics) and biological sciences (evolution and evolutionary physics). The author offers a modern take on many scientific discussions, including the Copernican Revolution, the Philosophy of Biology, and insights on evolution, as well as the timeline representing a history of one or more converging or diverging scientific disciplines. The book, he says, is “an exemplar of how to ‘bracket out’ the biases of recent science and consider emphatically past paradigms, with all their seemingly crazy metaphysics and limited empirical access, as credible programs of research.”


Scott A. Kleiner’s book “Taking The History of Science Really Seriously” is available through Amazon and the author’s website



Taking The History of Science Really Seriously

Author | Scott A. Kleiner

Published date | November 23, 2020

Publisher | BookBaby

Book retail price | $48.36


Author Bio


Scott A. Kleiner was born in Cincinnati, OH in 1938. He was educated at Williams College (B.A. Physics, 1960) and the University of Chicago (M.A. 1961; Ph.D. 1968). His employment was at Sweet Briar (Instructor 1965-1969), University of Georgia (Assistant Professor 1969-1977, Associate Professor 1977, and Professor and Professor Emeritus 1992, 2004 to the present). He studied the history of biology at Cambridge University, UK (1973-4), discovery and inquiry at the University of Pittsburgh (1985-9), and Genetics at the University of Georgia (1992-3). He published a book on the logic of discovery in 1993. He is still pursuing scientific change and discovery in the physical and biological sciences.