The list highlights free tax software that makes it easy for Canadians to file their taxes online.

Hardbacon, a personal finance application used by more than 30,000 Canadians, revealed today the seven best free tax tools to help Canadians file their taxes online.

Every year, there are changes to benefits, credits, and expenses that Canadians can use to pay less income tax. Hence, it’s never too early to start gathering your documents to report income and claim deductions, and to choose how you want to file your completed tax return.

In 2021, over 90 percent of Canadians chose to file their taxes online and that number is expected to rise this year, according to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Likewise, over 58 percent of Canadians used “EFILE”, which is a service that allows Canadians to send individual income tax return information to the CRA directly from the software used to prepare the tax return.

Always in line with the brand’s mission to help Canadians make better financial decisions, Hardbacon’s list highlights how it is possible to file taxes without having to hire the services of an accountant or tax firm to save money, and encourages Canadians to have a better understanding of their finances.

To create the list, the pros and cons of each software were considered. The seven best free Canadian tax tools that made the list include: TurboTax Free, CloudTax, GenuTax Standard, H&R Block Online, Wealthsimple Tax, TaxTron, and StudioTax.

Taxes can be intimidating, but with all the free financial tools at your disposal, including the Hardbacon app, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a good grasp of your finances come tax season,” said Hardbacon CEO, Julien Brault. “ These free tax softwares make it easy to file taxes online and should be in the toolbox of all Canadians.”

Hardbacon’s top Canadian tax software, including the complete list of 7 Free Canadian Tax Software to File Your Taxes Online in 2022, can be found in more detail on Hardbacon’s blog.

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