The Queensland DJ and hip-hop artist Christian Krauter have earned a mass of audience by showcasing his talent in front of the world with his opulent sound design.

Brisbane, Queensland Jan 3, 2022 (  – Christian Krauter is the eminent dj of the modern music world. He is a talented artist who is constantly giving hit tracks. This Australian dj has made his name in the hip-hop culture in a very short time. He experimented with his music with a lot of variations. He has made music in EDM, disco, electronic, dance, etc. with a lot of variations he tries to make all his tracks different from each other. So the audience doesn’t get bored of it, which he successfully accomplished. He is an artist who traveled a lot after completing his education and traveled a lot. By living in different places he got to learn about a lot of different cultures and enriched his song with them.

This Queensland DJ is a self-taught artist. From childhood he was inspired by music and growing up he has watched a lot dj and learned to make tracks. He is a self-made artist who started from scratch and now he is one of the biggest dj. He is an independent artist who has been making music alone. He single-handedly composes and produces all his tracks. His sound design gets all these affirmations because his music has a different charm in it.

Christian Krauter two songs that have suddenly got a lot of popularity, that are ‘Dub – Melody’, ‘It All Starts With A Feeling’. Both of these songs are entirely different but beautiful at the same time. It’s intriguing music has garnered a lot of appreciation from around the world. except for these two songs other songs of him that have generated a buzz among everyone are, ‘Sunset Chorus’, ‘Lost Control’, ‘DJ LIVESET Sonic Disco Party 19.11.2021’, ‘Space Monkey Ride’. All of his songs are available on SoundCloud, and YouTube. Visit his profile and subscribe to his channel. Follow this artist for more updates on his upcoming project on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Dub – Melody:

It All Starts With A Feeling:

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