The author believes success can be achieved by having a ‘let’s-go-for-it’ attitude and taking risks

Patience is a virtue, but so is being fast-paced yet prudent. Breakthrough Leadership with Barb Naisby, now available on Amazon, will have readers on a rollercoaster as they read the story of a woman and her husband. They took risks and plunged themselves into the deep end in order to come out successful.

Barb Naisby is a retired dental professional, wife of a golf fanatic, mother to two gorgeous, crazy, grown-up girls, and grandmother to a beautiful granddaughter who is more grown-up than her mum and aunt. She’s also been a writer and conference speaker for Tony Gedge’s Marketing Pirates of Dentistry and assisted Dr. Paddi Lund at his Happiness Centered Business workshop in London. She somehow found time to help her younger daughter set up the first female-owned and operated chimney sweeping business in Scotland! She now lives in Mexico and is back in business as a network marketer for a worldwide lifestyle company. Naisby mentions how she had a knack for having an entrepreneurial mindset from the start: “I guess I honestly didn’t know what made me tick at the ripe old age of twenty, but looking back, I can see the determined, ambitious, absolutely focused person I am today.”

There were two important parts to Naisby and her husband’s journey to establish a successful business: coaching and mentoring. Naisby realized that the way to grow was to invest in education and mentoring.

“We were broke, but I decided to go as the course and flight were already paid for. It was here that I was introduced to two mentors who helped me change the path of our business and our lives,” says Naisby.

Coupling this with their positive attitude towards risk, Naisby and her husband found themselves benefitting from the experience.

Breakthrough Leadership with Barb Naisby will undoubtedly be a source of encouragement to all those who are struggling to start their business, having issues with continuing their business, or seeking motivation to take their business to the next level. There is much wisdom to pull out from Naisby’s story.

Chris Barrow, a dental business coach, writes about Naisby’s innovative methods in the dental business: “I first met Barbara in the late 1990s. At a time when customer service was an optional extra in UK dentistry, Barbara was blazing a trail in delivering world-class care from an innovative environment. At a time when branding and marketing in UK dentistry were frowned upon as ‘too much like sales,’ Barbara was designing a brand and a marketing plan that anticipated the direction of the market years later. At a time when the dental patient journey could be best summarized by ‘come in, sit down, and do as you are told,’ Barbara was building a team that encouraged word-of-mouth referrals simply by being the best version of themselves. Barbara has been unafraid of change in every aspect of her life. I’m on the edge of my seat, wondering what she is going to do next.”

Anthony Gedge, from Disruptors of Dentistry, has this to say about Naisby: “Barbara is one of those rare birds in dentistry because many dental practices don’t know how to market themselves, but Barbara was already a serious marketeer when I met her in 2004. I encouraged her to start writing for my printed marketing newsletter that goes out to all my dental clients. I also helped Barbara to get her first speaking event at one of my annual conferences in front of hundreds of dentists, and she went down a storm. She was so good at marketing and getting patients through the door with obscure and fun ideas that we did a joint venture and created The Botox Sales Explosion System, which was a marketing system to help dentists attract botox clients in a very fierce market. I can say, hand on heart, that Barbara is a serious marketeer, a maverick and always completes on what she says she’s going to do!”

Breakthrough Leadership with Barb Naisby is now for sale on Amazon.

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