A Fiction reading simply departure us from the anxieties of a troublesome year. People love to read fiction, and one such fiction novel is getting a great response from readers. SHIVI & SATTY is a series of a fiction novels written by Author Anupama Gupta. The first novel, “Shivi & Satty: And the Warriors of Death” was released in June 2019, and after getting immense success, the author releases the second novel, “Shivi & Satty: And The Rudra Sena.”

Both the novels are getting positive responses from the readers and come in a list of must-read fiction novels. The series contains mystery, war, love, and everything necessary for engaging content. If book lovers want something interesting to read, SHIVI & SATTY series is the best option for them.

About the Author:

The author is a former personality trainer, former National Level Sportsperson, and a deep spiritual enthusiast. Her spiritual wanderings led her to read and grasp the intricacies hidden in the scriptures, which she is determined to convey to all her readers through her story.

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