The web-based application NFT game, KONGZ ARENA is inspired by the War for the Planet of Apes having a collection of nearly 10,000 NFTs. The platform makes it possible to tokenise virtual items and sell them through the marketplace or external marketplaces.

In 2020, the value of the global gaming market reached $167.9 billion and is projected to increase by $120 billion in 2026. Very likely, the industry will continue to thrive in the upcoming years. Much of the sector’s growth can be attributed to the proliferation of mobile phones and the use of gadgets, the availability to play free online games, and improvements in gaming-related software tools.

Blockchain technology has also disrupt the space by providing a decentralised way to play these games, transfer assets, and store data. Particularly, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) provide some level of proof of authorship and verification to those who create digital artwork. Speaking statistically, the NFT gaming market generated $2.32 billion in the third quarter of 2021.

KONGZ ARENA is one such emerging NFT gaming segment that contributes to the virtual global game market. A revolutionising solution where players enjoy crypto gamification and financial rewards, the web-based gaming platform features a play-to-earn model where a limited number of players enter with the goal to the throne for all apes.

The NFT game encourages players to earn millions of rewards by playing the game. The amount of time the players invest in the game; they get rewarded for the same. With its unique infrastructure that is built on the growing DeFi ecosystem and NFTs, it has the best yield strategies for users along with over 10,000 NFT digital art pieces that can be used for a multitude of games. This edge ultimately gives KONGZ ARENA fanatics a unique ability to play to earn in one singular process.

Deployed on the Polygon Smart Chain contracts, KONGZ ARENA provides an edge to both gamers and developers. The platform is faster, almost free, financially feasible for both beginner and experienced users have no gas fees and offers the ability to work within a large Polygon-based NFT ecosystem. Due to this polygon-based smart chain contracts, the financial barrier for developers and gamers can be slashed down.

The platform has transformed the way of game creation, management and its operations for both creators, and game players. By bringing $KONGZ revolutionary token, players now get access to a digital collectible that can assist them in buying, selling, and transferring whenever they want. Precisely, KONGZ ARENA has introduced a player-driven economy where enthusiasts can trade without any regulatory authority’s intervention.

Initially, KONGZ ARENA will supply 10 billion tokens out of which 20% will be distributed among the team members, 20% will be kept for the game development, 20% for marketing and promotions while the remaining 40% for the users and stake holders.

The platform encourages the entire gaming community, crypto investors, and NFT aficionados to invest in the $KONGZ virtual token for digital security, authenticity, and to reduce electronic scarcity. A polygon-based fosters and promotes a project’s health and widespread its usage, and decentralisation through a fast, secure, and private transaction. This token gives an edge to the gamers to trade in the KONGZ ARENA marketplace will be through token $KONGZ.

The token offers a low commission fee and community ownership along with a few more features i.e. security, promptness, transparency and anonymity. With the token’s advanced system, players’ funds are automatically secured when they trade using $KONGZ. Since the crypto market moves at a warp speed, quick trading is done for the user’s net profit. The players can complete all their transactions in just a jiffy without sharing their personal details with the third-party. The ecosystem also ensures transparent procedures and zero manipulation without any third-party intervention.

KONGZ ARENA’s envisions building a system where users can play, share, and trade without any central control, enjoying secure copyright ownership. The vision seems promising with the announcement of $KONGZ tokens under this decentralised NFT platform powered by the Polygon Network.


KONGZ ARENA is an emerging web-based application game for the NFT fanatics. This project strives to build a decentralised community where users can play-to-earn securely. Featuring a unique collection of 10,000, the platform is inspired by War for the Planet of Apes. The platform is created keeping crypto, gaming, and NFT together at the same time. Powered by Polygon Network, KONGZ ARENA NFT grants the holder exclusive access to a competitive Play to Earn game where a limited number of players enter with the goal to the throne for all apes.