Immense opportunities to unleash your ideas to bring all your dreams to life. Start or create any kind of business, get more attention and expand as a huge business.

Meet a lot of people and make new friends, have fun. Socialize yourself in a fresh environment with the vision to live beyond the limits.

Get to know new people anywhere in the world. The most appropriate place to find the right partner and explore the endless Arkycia. Live with your family and spend a worthy time in the best place anywhere in the Arkycia metaverse world.

Arkycia metaverse is beyond your imagination. Arkycia token allows you to buy digital assets. Arkycia has its own utility token to buy digital assets. Any type of transaction can be done using utility tokens in Arkycia. Arkycia metaverse is full of valuable virtual properties.

Purchase land anywhere in the world with the Arkycia utility token. Build buildings as huge as multi-storey buildings, skyscrapers, large shopping malls, Luxurious Penthouse, and more. As the sole proprietor, earn a lot by letting your digital properties for rent, lease, or by selling them.

Be the first to become the president of your own country! Attain the highest and most prestigious political positions with high powers to rule the world.

A virtual Cosmocracy metaverse world is built for you to enjoy freedom, have fun, and turn all your dreams and desires into reality.

Political Positions NFT

The digital asset is the future. Buy highly profitable digital assets using Arkycia token. Digital assets can be anything from a piece of art to the most luxurious villa.

Arkycia metaverse is set to be governed by the most prestigious and highest political positions. For the first time in history, Arkycia – metaverse redefined is built completely different from any other where Political Position NFT can be purchased as digital assets.

Be the first to become the President of your country!!

Be the first to attain the esteemed Political Positions. Every country in Arkycia metaverse will have some of the Political positions. Right from President of the country, Vice President to the Department wise Ministers.

Own the most valuable political positions and rule your country. The political positions can be owned by those who own a high volume of tokens. Political positions are designed to govern and take the right decisions. Above all, a good passive income can be obtained by means of the revenue generated through the businesses running in the country.

The Political powers of each position are as high as they are in the real world. The Powers or Rights of the Political positions are kept confidential. Those special powers will be given to the respective person after the launch of Arkycia.

Gain more popularity by owning the most prestigious political position NFT. Political position or Governance position NFT will make you more popular than any other NFT ever in the metaverse world. Only functional NFT generating high revenue with a passive income and the reputed position to Rule the World.

How Arkycia’s real-estate property is different from other metaverses?

Arkycia metaverse real-estate property is far more different from any other metaverse real-estate. Anything that is linked with real life, which makes us go at first but will not generate any value later.

Unlike the other metaverse projects, Arkycia does not include the lands, roads, rivers, etc., as a digital asset since their value will get reduced at a certain point.

The mirror or a clone of the existing real-world is the underlying creation of Arkycia. The whole world with all the exact locations of the building is just like a map replicating the real world. Our system is developed with Google maps, where we are building the properties and all other infrastructure. People can buy a real valuable virtual real estate, which will be a huge value for their lifetime. We are selling real properties that will generate great revenue.

Let us consider an example,

Just imagine you are buying a building in New York City. You can make changes to the infrastructure of the building, build many number of storeys. You can generate revenue from selling the building, renting it out, or letting it for lease. Just with a single building, you can create business opportunities. In Arkycia, users can own land, buildings, and any other infrastructural properties.

Arkycia Token

Arkycia is a real-world virtual metaverse having high interoperability with the existing world. In metaverse people can create any kind of entertainment system, all this business requires transactions for which Arkycia Token is created. The utility token serves the purpose of a real-valued transaction. With the Arkycia token, you can watch a movie, attend yoga classes, and many more.