CE reviews Immigration Department’s Passing-out Parade cum 60th Anniversary Grand Parade (with photos)


     The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, attended the Passing-out Parade cum 60th Anniversary Grand Parade of the Immigration Department (ImmD) today (December 30) to review 171 officers on parade, including 45 Immigration Officers and 126 Immigration Assistants.


     As the first disciplined service to introduce Chinese-style footdrill, the ImmD adopted a totally Chinese style for the flag raising ceremony and the footdrill performance of the 60th Anniversary Grand Parade. In the Chinese-style footdrill performance, the parade marched in step and lined up to form the numerals “1961” to represent the year of establishment of the ImmD, the abbreviation for the department “IMMD”, and the Chinese numerals “60” to symbolise the ImmD’s 60 years of serving the Hong Kong community. In addition, the youth were also engaged in the parade. Members of the Immigration Department Youth Leaders Corps (IDYL) marched into the venue in the Chinese-style footdrill performance, holding the national, regional and departmental flags, which were taken over by the Flag Party to perform a Chinese-style flag raising ceremony, with the Immigration Band playing the national anthem live and guests rising to sing.


     In her speech, Mrs Carrie Lam said despite the many challenges over the years, the ImmD remained dauntless and forged ahead bravely, tiding over one difficulty after another with positive attitude and professionalism. She also commended the ImmD for its remarkable achievements in the past six decades, repeatedly winning great acclaim from citizens and visitors. For instance, the Next Generation Electronic Passport System was given the Award of the Year at the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2021 in recognition of the ImmD’s efforts and contributions in harnessing information technology to provide quality public service experience for the community.


     She also appreciated the ImmD’s incorporation of an element of youth engagement in the parade, which reflected its active role in promoting youth training and its dedication to nurturing new blood who had positive energy and had aspirations for serving the community and to ensure passing on the baton to the new generation.


     Lastly, Mrs Carrie Lam called on passing-out officers to stay true to their original aspirations and founding mission, ride out difficulties, and serve Hong Kong and contribute to the motherland with all their efforts. She hoped that the ImmD would continue to uphold the principles of putting people first and striving for excellence, and make sustained efforts to expand its scope of services and enhance the existing services in support of the sustainable development of the country as well as Hong Kong.