Famous pop music artist from Perth, Australia O’Neill Fernandes is back again with his new tranquil album ‘Let’s Dance…Vol.4’ which will surely make you dance

Perth, Western Australia Dec 30, 2021 (Issuewire.com)  – Pop music is one of the all times trending genres of music that makes people dance to its tunes. Renowned pop music artist, Australia O’Neill Fernandes has came up with his two brand new music tracks which is entirely composed and recorded by him. He has described the album as ‘Let’s Dance…Vol.4’ where he has composed music from across the genres and through the generations. The album consists some of the famous music like ‘1963 (Oh What A Night)‘ by the four seasons, Wanda Jackson’s ‘Let’s Have A Party’ and Lewi’s ‘Great Balls Of Fire’.

This famous pop music artist from Perth is a fan of Queen and Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) bands. The artist has been associated with producing music from a very long time. The amazing fact is that the artist has learnt playing all the instruments, recording of the music, and producing the music all by himself. Music is Fernandes’s passion and he has covered a long journey from being a Hi-Fi enthusiast to a Mobile DJ to a Guitarist and a Producer. Such a journey is not easy and he has been inspiring people to follow their passion. His music always comes from his heart and with a true desire of engaging the audience.

The amazing and the dynamic performance from O’Neill Fernandes are quite evident in the tracks of ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ and ‘The Young Ones’ from the album ‘Let’s Dance…Vol.4’ as he has put his entire creativity along his supreme talent, making the tracks one of the best in the industry. He has composed every track with their own taste, giving multiple choices for all kinds of listeners according to their preferences. All of his music tracks are available on Soundcloud. Follow O’Neill Fernandes on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn for more upcoming music and updates.

Just go for this Album ‘Let’s Dance…Vol.4’ by O’Neill Fernandes :


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