New emerging talent and Massachusetts hip-hop artist Ronney Crocs has come up with yet another brand new track ‘Not So Bad’ that is surely going to make your day.

Newton, Massachusetts Dec 29, 2021 (  – The hip-hop genre of music, with every passing day, is getting the game on in the music industry. Talented artists are evolving by enhancing the quality of music that they are offering to the listeners. Moreover, while we mention hip-hop there is one artist’s name that we cannot miss and that is Ronney Crocs. The newly emerged Massachusetts hip-hop artist has come up with yet another new release ‘Not So Bad’, which is a pure combination of perfectly blended music and modern hip-hop lyrics. The accurate beats, the grooving bass, and the crisp rap make it one-of-a-kind music.

Ronney O’Connor, popularly known as Ronney Crocs, from Newton, United States is a true genius of his work. He has been working independently in the music industry for the past 6 years and has produced many tracks that are worth applauding. His music is a composition of both crisp and modern rap lyrics and groovy beats. His lyrics are totally out of this world and this is the aspect, which makes him different from the other artists. His capability of balancing music with lyrics is worth having a look at. His works definitely highlight his experience in the hip-hop genre of music.

His talent and enthusiasm are not only highlighted in the song of ‘Not So Bad’ but some of his other renowned works that are being praised globally are ‘Do To It’, ‘Back For More’ And ‘Because Of You’, and many more. All of his works are a paradise for hip-hop lovers around the world. The energy and the willingness he is progressing with are surely going to make him a renowned hip-hop artist globally. All of his music tracks are available on Soundcloud. Follow Ronney Crocs on Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for getting all the updates about his upcoming releases and more.

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