Wonderfilled today announced the long awaited GiantLands 1st Edition began shipping nationwide over the Christmas holiday. Deliveries first began arriving at customer’s doorsteps in the continental USA on Christmas Eve, and will continue to arrive through the new year worldwide.

“We’re thrilled to be delivering our 1st Edition Boxed of GiantLands over the holiday and at the beginning of a new year to fans worldwide,” said Stephen E. Dinehart, President of Wonderfilled. “Bringing out this three volume set in the spirit of the old school roleplaying game renaissance, with talent that gave us classics like Dungeons & Dragons, Gamma World and more is an exciting way for us to bring magic of the roleplaying game alive in bold new ways for lifelong fans and first-time players.”

Some lucky fans were treated to a knock at the door and an unexpected delivery, chiming in on Twitter one said upon delivery “This shows up on Xmas Eve. It’s a Xmas miracle?” also sharing a picture of his GiantLands boxed set.

“This project began with a dream, to bring an old school roleplaying game to life. Seeing this major step come to fruition brings us one step closer to seeing it manifest,” Dinehart said. “This was an amazing opportunity to collaborate with the game designers and artists that made the favorite games of my youth and to bring back that spirit which seems to be missing from so many contemporary versions of the game type that was born of their hands. Roleplaying games were born in Wisconsin, and with GiantLands we’re bringing them back home.”

You can learn more about GiantLands on the official site. GiantLands 1st Edition is now available for sale for $129.99 and currently only directly from Wonderfilled.

About Wonderfilled

Founded in 2018 in Orlando, Florida, Wonderfilled Inc. is a Wisconsin-based corporation built in the spirit of so many visionaries, committed to creating wonder, inspiring awe and making the world a better place for dreamers and dreaming.

About Giantlands

GiantLands is a science-fantasy roleplaying game & live-action game world created by Stephen E. Dinehart & James M. Ward with Gary Gygax Jr. published by Wonderfilled, Inc. Fans can experience GiantLands through the tabletop roleplaying game, official events, various forms of media and eventually a GiantLands theme park.

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