An IT investor and the founder of the Tymofieiev Foundation Ruslan Tymofieiev announced that in 2022, the fund will support mathematical Olympiads in Ukraine.

In 2022, the Tymofieiev Foundation will expand its activities with Ukrainian educational initiatives.

Among other activities, the foundation is going to support school mathematical Olympiads in Ukraine.

Mathematics is the foundation of programming and IT. We are interested in helping new technologies to emerge and developing a startup ecosystem in Ukraine. I believe that one should foster children’s interest in mathematics from a very young age. Olympiads are a great opportunity to interest schoolchildren in exact sciences. And plus, it is a constant endeavor at self-improvement, a competitive spirit, an opportunity to go beyond the school curriculum, and to deepen your knowledge,” said the founder of the Tymofieiev Foundation.

According to Ruslan Tymofieiev, Ukraine has always been famous for its strong STEM school. Ukraine is a country where one of the programming languages was created. In addition, the country has made a great contribution to the development of cybernetics, discrete mathematics, and mechanics. This success should be strengthened.

The IT investor notes that the new vector within the activities of the Tymofieiev Foundation will not put aside supporting and promoting Ukrainian art in the world but will be an addition to this. In particular, in one of the European countries, there will be a new art exhibition in January 2022 in partnership with the Tymofieiev Foundation.

As a reminder, in 2021, the Tymofieiev Foundation sponsored two large-scale art events:  the exhibition “30×30” in Kyiv, Ukraine, and “Painting in Excess: Kyiv’s Art Revival, 1985-1993” in New Jersey. You can visit the second exhibition at the Zimmerli Museum until 13 March.