Multifamily real estate expert Jerome Myers hosted the 100th episode of his podcast, Multifamily Missteps, aimed at helping new investors learn from the experiences of others.

Jerome Myers is a recognized leader in multifamily real estate investing. He built his multi-million dollar real estate investment portfolio following the Myers Methods principles, which he developed from his own investing experiences. He learned from the challenges and mistakes he made along the way and now uses his Multifamily Missteps podcast to teach others that people often learn more from our mistakes than our successes. Recording and releasing the 100th episode is a milestone for Myers and showcases the wealth of knowledge to be gained through sharing experiences.

Myers Multifamily Missteps podcast first aired in April 2020. In roughly 30 minutes, each episode tells the unique investment struggles of a different investor. The stories focus on four areas of importance in multifamily investing, including finding, funding, fixing, and flipping multifamily properties. At the end of each episode, Myers highlights the valuable lessons about investing in multifamily apartments.

“When I started investing, I discovered that there was a lot I wasn’t prepared for and a lot I didn’t know,” remarked Myers. “I did a lot of things right, but mostly, I learned from the things that did not go my way. Multifamily Missteps invites seasoned investors to share their hard lessons with others so that we all don’t have to make the same mistakes on the path to success.”

A sought-after thought leader in real estate investing, Myers strives to be a source of education and inspiration to those around him. His Myers Methods outlines a 4-step approach to investing and managing multifamily dwellings such as apartment complexes. His program debunks the prevailing idea that this type of investment is out of reach for most Americans.

“If I teach people one thing through my podcasts, courses, and coaching, it’s that people should have dreams. Dreams like building wealth by investing in real estate,” said Myers. “And, they should actively chase those dreams. The information, the tools, and the resources are out there. Take a course, find an apartment investing coach, learn what you don’t know, and make your dreams into reality.”

Myers has been featured as an expert on multifamily investing in numerous publications such as Business Insider, Black Enterprise, and Entrepreneur. To find out more about real estate investor Jerome Myers, his Multifamily Missteps podcast, or the Myers Method, visit

About Jerome Myers

Jerome Myers is the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of DreamCatchers and The Myers Development Group. His multifamily real estate course educates people on how to find the best real estate deals and invest in multifamily apartments.