As reported by Comms Factory, proprietary research continues to show significant differentials in potential volatility among crypto currencies with the highest market caps

Firework Token today published the second in its ongoing series of reports that measure the potential for trading volatility of the top cryptocurrencies, according to Comms Factory. The Crypto Volatility Report: December 2021 tracks the perceived relative volatility of cryptocurrencies with the highest market caps for December, 2021. It is based on proprietary analytical methods. The report continues to reveal that some currencies appear relatively stable, while others seem to be orders of magnitude more potentially volatile when trading liquidity and price swings over time are factored into the analysis.

“The second iteration of the report contains some surprises, but it also affirms the fundamental stability of some of the currencies with the highest market caps,” said Paul Gallini, CEO of Firework Token. “We hope that our research will help cryptocurrency investors gain insights into the potential for unexpected ups and downs in this sometimes confusing marketplace.” Gallini’s mission with Firework Token is to offer a stable cryptocurrency in the investing field.

This month’s report highlights how the major currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have the lowest volatilities, despite superficial events such as Bitcoin’s nearly $15,000 drop in recent weeks. When the fundamentals and trading liquidity are factored into the analysis, Bitcoin remains the least volatile of all cryptocurrencies, in the report’s assessment.

The research process for the report analyzed two sets of factors for each currency. First, it assessed price swings for the currency over three time intervals: 24 hours, one month and 52 weeks. These price swings comprise a currency’s superficial volatility. The second factor dealt with each currency’s structural potential for volatility, including trading volume and currency units in circulation.

Firework Token sponsored this research as a service to the industry. The goal is to empower crypto currency investors to make sensible choices that align with their financial strategies. Firework Token expects to publish subsequent editions of the report on a regular basis.

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