After a few weeks of using CURECODE Neuromide Ampoule, this influencer went from “getting stressed out every time I look in the mirror” to “every time I look in the mirror my skin condition gets better and I feel better”. Here is how and why.

The Beaustar influencers in South Korea are the gold standard for skin care reviews in South Korea. Recently, Black Russian, a Beaustar blogger and Instagram influencer suffering from dry, sensitive skin that has been made worse from having to wear a mask every day, has found CURECODE Neuromide Ampoule to be a “life-changing” item for her skin and raved about it on her beauty and fashion blog. CURECODE is K-Beauty’s first ever “smart” skin care with the patented super ceramide formula Neuromide and triple-biotics, formulated to stimulate the shoothing properties within the skin’s own biome for faster calming and skin barrier restoration.

“My skin has become even more sensitive due to wearing a mask since last year. Also, the weather chanes drastically and quickly, so my skin doesn’t have time to adjust. Every time I look in the mirror, I feel stressed out to see how dry and crumbly my skin is becoming,” she wrote. “While searching for something that can give my skin relief, CURECODE Neuromide Ampoule caught my eye.”

Black Russian posted before and after photos of the visible improvements to her skin after applying the ampoule. She was pleased with the texture of the ampoule as well as the dropper application. “It’s very moisturizing for an ampoule,” she wrote in her review. “It gives a very moist finish with a small amount. It’s nice to have smooth, supple skin again!”

The core ingredient that contributed to the calming and restoration of the blogger’s skin barrier is Neuromide, a bio-identical metabolite of the skin-gut microbiome that works with the skin’s own built-in recovering process to help rapid skin barrier recovery from dryness and sensitivity, is concentrated in the ampoule at a dose of 4000ppm. In addition to Neuromide, the ampoule contains Tri-Biotics (Pre- / Pro- / Post-Biotics) help create a microbiome environment for healthy skin.

In addition to Neuromide are the autophagy-inducing power of Aquatide and Resveratrol, the compound found in red grapes that also produces the process of cell renewal. Additional age-fighting ingredients include Panthenol, that when absorbed by the skin is converted into vitamin B5, which helps moisturize to relieve the tightness from dry skin, in addition to a complex of skin-soothing and nourishing St. John’s Wort, Centella Asiatica, Allantoin and Adenosine, all known for centuries as containing properties to soothe and refresh skin’s appearance.

More information and a complete ingredients list can be found on the product’s webpage.

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