At Life’s Plan, they have built a library of resources to help individuals understand how to set up a trust. Their team works closely with their clients to help them prepare their trust documents. They can help individuals draft a trust that meets Social Security requirements. However, this isn’t where their services end. They can also coordinate care services for disabled individuals, administer several types of trusts, offer charitable grants, and more. They understand the unique needs of disabled individuals and strive to help their families prepare for the future.

Life’s Plan is available to answer any questions their clients may have, allowing them to make more informed decisions regarding setting up a trust for a disabled loved one. They will explain the various trust options, help individuals plan and start a trust, and provide the necessary planning materials. They know how important estate planning is and how challenging understanding trusts can be and strive to help families feel better prepared for the future.

Anyone interested in learning about their trust services can find out more by visiting the Life’s Plan website or by calling 1-630-628-7189.

About Life’s Plan: Life’s Plan is a leading resource for individuals who need to set up a trust to ensure care for a disabled loved one when they can no longer fulfill this need. Their team works with individuals to help them understand their options and make an informed decision for setting up a trust. They also offer other trust-related services, such as coordinating care and administering trusts.