How One Group of Geeks and Developers are Single-Handedly Creating a Decentralized Home Cloud Category

As the world around us changes, we need modern solutions to match. Technology is advancing at rapid speeds, with that the concern for privacy and security grows by the minute. For parents and families, the thought of someone gaining access to sensitive information can be nothing short of a nightmare. However, one group of geeks and developers are on a mission to empower families to take their privacy into their own hands. IceWhale Technology is proud to announce CasaOS, an open-source home cloud OS based on the Docker ecosystem and designed for home scenarios. 

At the forefront of breakthrough innovations, IceWhale Technology is committed to building the world’s most simple, easy-to-use, and elegant home cloud OS. CasaOS is changing the way families view modern living. From photo and video storage to smart home device management, and encrypted communications, CasaOS is the one-stop ideal home cloud system to keep families safe and protected in the digital age. 

CasaOS is compatible with mainstream hardware platforms, x86 PCs, NUCs, and Raspberry Pi, and provides enough openness for developers to participate in it. Users of CasaOS can host various home entertainment, streaming, network enhancement, and VPN applications free of charge, as well as centralize their personal data and sync 10x faster in a non-inductive LAN.

The IceWhale Technology team has hit the ground running to develop an easy, elegant, and decentralized home cloud system to help families rest easy and provide peace of mind in a polarizing societal climate. 

Distributed computing is what the IceWhale team believes to be a new paradigm for the computer industry in the next decade. We focus on home scenarios to provide consumers with home cloud product innovation that integrates software and hardware. At a time when the world is exploring more economical and greener infrastructure, we believe that compared to public clouds, home clouds can provide higher system energy efficiency, data security, and more personalized digital services for local home smart experiences.” – Lauren Pan, Founder & CEO

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to revolutionizing modern home cloud systems; IceWhale Technology’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with CasaOS.

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About IceWhale Tech

IceWhale Technology is a Shanghai-based group of geeks and developers committed to creating a decentralized home cloud category. Founded in 2020, IceWhale Technology is leveraging the power of cutting-edge blockchain technology to usher in a new era of digital privacy. In doing this, IceWhale Technology will empower families all over the world to own and manage their own cloud without fear of compromising privacy. IceWhale’s flagship product, the ZimaBoard, launched on Kickstarter and harnessed over $300K in support in the first 45 days. The ZimaBoard is a single board server for creators, designed to empower users to build their own personal cloud. IceWhale’s newest innovation, CasaOS is a revolutionary home cloud OS designed to create a decentralized family cloud category.