Piping systems age, like any other common technology. Over time, commercial pipelines reach a status where restoration is necessary to keep a strong flow of its contents and maintain the safety of the installation. Hazardous leaks are a common result of older systems that fail after enough time passes without maintenance.

Vertical Pipe Repair has developed a restoration method to strengthen pipes while protecting them against the rigors of time and heavy use. Since replacing vertical pipes is often an expensive endeavor, pipe specialists have perfected the art of cured-in-place repair and restoration, which will reduce the overall costs for all parties. CIPP restoration for vertical pipes steps up to common repair needs and removes the chance of issues reoccurring.

CIPP is designed to work around some of the worst obstacles that pipe contractors will face. Pipe repair has a long history of wall blockage, especially when the pipes are located in apartment complexes. Vertical Pipe Repair’s video inspections use flexible cameras, carefully fed into targeted pipes, to infiltrate hard-to-reach repairs. CIPP avoids unnecessary work on the way to restoring pipes to their former glory. For Dallas property managers and owners, Vertical Pipe Repair uses prime technologies to maneuver around even the worst obstacles.

One such technology is our special resin mix and bonding procedure. With CIPP, we reduce pipe breakdowns and corrosion in both older and newer systems. Aging is natural, but commercial pipelines do not have to fail just because they were installed years ago. Vertical Pipe Repair relies on CIPP because it is a trenchless rehabilitation method, which lessens the need for aggressive tactics.

Resin can be applied without damaging the exterior, which is especially important in occupied commercial buildings like courthouses and offices. CIPP stops cracks and outside forces from accumulating. Vertical Pipe repair eliminates gas, sewage, and chemicals from escaping worn-out pipes. Our restoration methods benefit the whole of Dallas by protecting its surrounding areas.

Vertical Pipe Repair’s restoration and rehabilitation methods have evolved over time by keeping Dallas businesses in mind. When a vertical pipe shows signs of wear, such as odors and wet spots on the physical property or surrounding areas, we can save you money. Our slip-liner technology reinforces sewer systems against both small and large pipe issues. Contact us now if you want to restore commercial piping to its strongest form.

About Vertical Pipe Repair

We use a technology called CIPP which allows us to repair the vertical pipe in the least invasive way possible.