Fuel yourself with unlimited access to Athos Salomé revelations, and feed your curiosity with truth-seeking predictions, that are the realities of real-life events. Athos Salomé has been a paranormal researcher and analyst for over 10 years and has completed professional courses with certification in parapsychology.

Athos Salomé is one of the oldest paranormal professionals in Brazil with years of experience; changing people’s lives has been the everyday lifestyle of Athos. Athos Salomé is the best sought-after naturally gifted paranormal specialist who are connected to the Great Spirit and 4 winds.

Besides his famous gifts, Athos has been able to help people from different parts of the world. In 2012, he had an impactful interview with a Christian Scholar “Marcos Paula Viana” over a post on Facebook, he added, there will be a global change that will change all human lives, he also predicted a global pandemic (Corona – Virus) that would happen in the year 2020, to a new COVID-19 variant that will cause a lot of global damage, and requested more attention to be in Africa.

Would you like to dispel the myths of paranormal events that surrounds you?

Athos understood the meaning and the proper use of paranormal analysis using his KABALLA knowledge; he is well known for always using historical research in his paranormal investigations to offer step-by-step guidelines on a particular paranormal analysis. He is known for always providing paranormal inquiries into specific unexplained aspects of the human experience.

If you wish to learn more about the theories and histories behind poltergeist activities, residual hauntings, apparitions, and how to combine psychic abilities in paranormal analysis, then you need to follow Athos Salomé podcasts, and teachings.

In conclusion

The para-normality has been increasingly used in police investigations and scientific theories. With his paranormal investigative skills, Athos was able to predict future events that cut across various scenarios of human existence. He also research and provided evidence proving the existence of the supernatural. Athos has spent much of his life researching and investigating unexplained aspects of human existence and other strange occurrences, so when he makes a prediction,” it is noteworthy.

They are a lots of paranormal events Athos has predicted including terrorism outbreaks, China becoming the world biggest economic power, fire explosions, the vaccines will become un-usable, the Virus will become incurable, Psychological torture, the false peace agreement involving China, potential world war 3, invention of robots, the alleged death from The English Royal family and so much more. These predictions made by Athos allow everyone to prepare themselves for the future thus proving that the supernatural exists and giving humans a greater decision-making power, with enough time for better planning, prioritization thereby leading to greater public awareness and information dissemination. For more information please visit Paranormalidade or Instagram Channel