Enormously talented artist Calvin McFarland has completed 15 years of his career in the industry and now he is dropping the new song ‘How to love you (mastered)’.

Savannah, Georgia Dec 6, 2021 (Issuewire.com)  – Completing 15 years in the music industry Savannah artist Calvin McFarland has brought a new head-turning song which is called ‘How to love you (mastered)’. As a performer and singer McFarland is quite versatile. He has been giving music in a lot of genres like pop, techno, dancehall, and r&b, soul all these years. Well, this newly released track is a reggaeton genre song which he is trying his hands on for the very first time and it couldn’t be anything better than this. Reggaeton is a genre of music that has the influence of Jamaican and Spanish music. In this song, he has beautifully merged all the instruments and made it ear-soothing.

‘How to love you (mastered)’ is a soft romantic melodious song which can go in any place, like a ball dance, a party, or even when you are listening to it alone. It is a must-play song at a romantic festival. It is the rhythm that makes it so infectious, and won’t leave your head easily if you hear it once. This song carries a beautiful thematic significance, which is one of the main traits of the song. In this song, the singer is trying to portrait his feelings for his beloved one which he executes beautifully. McFarland’s this song is a perfect mixture of electronic music with a rhythmic beat which makes the song more beautiful. The artist has kept the structure simple so from different people of different cultures and generations can enjoy the song.

Some other creation of Calvin McFarland is getting more attention and love from his fans – ‘Better tomorrow’, ‘Positive vibes only’, ‘I don’t mind (master)’, and ‘Moonlight (master)’. All these songs can be heard on SoundCloud anytime, anywhere without any interruption. And for more updates on his new tracks, follow him on Instagram.

Calvin Mcfarland released his recent track on Soundcloud:

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