Hillsboro, Texas: Bobcat Contracting has been awarded the Platinum Safety Partner Award by Texas Mutual Insurance Company for 2021. This is the highest safety award presented by the insurance company.

Bobcat Contracting, a Central Texas-based energy services company, has been recognized with this award several times since 2013. Less than 200 businesses receive the award annually out of 72,000 policy holders.

Marc Young, owner and president of Bobcat Contracting, accepted the award virtually this year, and said he is pleased yet again.

“Receiving the safety award is an honor, and we will continue to go into the field each day with safety as our top priority,” Young said.

Platinum Safety Partner Awards are presented to companies who have significantly reduced or eliminated workplace accidents. Texas Mutual Insurance Company selected Bobcat Contracting to receive the award because the company’s commitment to safety sets them apart.

“[Bobcat Contracting] has gone above and beyond to ensure workers’ safety,” according to Texas Mutual.

Young acknowledges success comes from his team.

“Our employees know safety is a core value in our organization, and they work hard daily,” Young said. “From the field to the office, it takes a commitment from all employees”

Bobcat Contracting is the single source in energy services in Texas and around the country. The company strives to meet the needs of a diverse group of energy companies by offering services in pipeline and fabrication, electrical and instrumentation, and crane operations. Bobcat Contracting utilizes the best products and materials available, real-time applications, and paperless office functions.

To learn more about Bobcat Contracting, visit www.bobcatcontracting.com.