“It is very clear that the author explores the truth and beliefs surrounding the prophet’s visions and prophecies, and infuses humor, poetry, and a thorough index and appendices for the reader to delve into for both entertainment and study,” Rachel Dehning wrote in her review.

Bernie Calaway, author of “Discernment from Daniel” (Publish America; 2002), tells the story of Daniel who lived in captivity in Babylon along with his friends Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. In this book, Calaway takes his readers into the full press of the Bible’s Book of Daniel. He helps readers understand the historical perspective of everything Daniel touches from the ancient Babylonians, Hebrews, Greeks, Persians, and Romans to the exile itself. The book has piqued readers’ interest in the allurement of the prophecy and revelations that will be revealed to them in a substantial but thankfully entertaining narrative.

This book is wrapped in mystery that almost every page contains a revelation waiting to be discovered and experienced that readers are captivated by the author’s apocalyptic writing. It’s an impressive work of biblical scholarship in which he digs deep into writing, offering insightful analysis and drawing out implications for the present day. According to Foluso Falaye, he appreciates the fact that Calaway has an abundance of scripture references to solidify that his work is inspired and not wholly from a flawed, human perspective but also research. The fact that he has four sets of appendices in the back, along with a bibliography and index points, proves that he is serious and wants easy reference for his audience.

On top of that, Calaway’s writing and explanations are so straightforward and easy to understand from a Biblical and historical perspective that it is widely used as a historical reference for essays, research, and educational (or study) material for teachers and students.

“Discernment from Daniel” is strongly recommended to avid readers of biblical literature as well as critics and skeptics of the Bible, especially the Book of Daniel.

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Discernment from Daniel

Author | Bernie Calaway

Genre | Christianity Non-Fiction, Biblical Studies and References

Publisher | Publish America

Published date | May 25, 2002