Artist Christian Krauter the Queensland DJ seems to have harnessed his knowledge and understanding of music, gathered from traveling different places.

Zillmere, Queensland Dec 6, 2021 (  – A very talented artist named Christian Krauter from Brisbane Australia has a plethora of songs on SoundCloud. His consistency in mixing songs has already given him the boost to flourish his career in EDM music. Harnessing each ounce of his musical brilliance he has been prolific in his task for a few years. Being a keen and avid traveler, he has gathered knowledge about the music of different cultures and several languages. Each journey to a palace has become his medium to get to know the indigenous music, which helps him infuse and enrich his songs with a disciplined diversity. As music has always been an integral part of his life, despite having a hectic tech life he manages his time for music.

As the title of the track goes ‘Better Things To Do Then Thinking Of You’, the track brings a Balearic sound for the audience. The song contains a passage of melodic flow, musical playfulness, which combined can set a very light mood for the audience. The beats are rather moderate to get the audience lost in the pure sound of music. One can make his vocals over the buzzing groves. Even better: get a task done over such cheerful music. Simply designing a grooving sound, the Queensland DJ proves to be authentic and simple in music composition.

The song ‘Never Felt So Good’ is a fantastic slap house synth and catchy vox work. The bass-heavy symphony and modular waves clashing righteously make the song a complete electronic piece. It is a kind of track that can also be supportive of a powerful rap. The songs ‘Never Felt So Good’ and ‘Better Things To Do Then Thinking Of You’ are already ruling in the hearts of his honest fan club. Even all the tracks ‘Space Monkey Ride’, ‘DJ Liveset 13-10-2021’, ‘Dirty Bass’, of Christian Krauter are so unique that to listeners they are always refreshing. Moreover, his socials – FacebookInstagram, Twitter, Spotify, and YouTube are evidence of his music-driven lifestyle.

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