About Pentagon Pirate Gang: The Secret of the Orchard:

Five students enter a summer camp at the School of Fruit Teaching in the middle of the deep-wooded Sherwood Forest, to find the secret. They pit their wits against the spiteful and vicious headmistress, Mrs. Blackfruit and her right-hand man the deputy-head, Mr. Thornby. What they discover will change their lives forever.

Their adventure and investigation, with help from a couple of the teachers, leads them to unearth a powerful, mysterious, secret, that the headmistress and her deputy have tried for decades to hide.

They think that’s enough – but no. An event that occurred fifty years ago has returned to affect what is happening at the school, to the children and to everyone involved, including their parents.

Pentagon Pirate Gang: The Secret of the Orchard is available in multiple formats worldwide:

Paperback: 264 pages

ISBN-13: 9781800942547

Dimensions: 14.0 x 1.7 x 21.6 cm

Amazon Kindle eBook: B09M4FPG9L

Amazon URL: http://getbook.at/PPGSO

Published by Michael Terence Publishing, 2021

About the Author

J W Nelson has enjoyed writing since his teens, with his stories often read out in English at school. He has been inspired by a varied reading/film background, from Hitchcock, Farrelly Brothers, James Bond and Julia Donaldson among others.

His enjoyment of writing has continued where he writes poetry, full-length novels, poetry-based children’s books some of which remain unpublished.

He hopes to continue writing the Pentagon Pirate Gang series (5 books in total), publish his first written dramatic thriller trilogy Crime of The Century series and continue writing poetry (on his blog jwnelson309.com).

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