On speaking to the media, he said “Making clothes is an art, It has been my dream. Every new project has a story and inspires me to do better in the future.” He further added, “My decision to leave my job as an engineer and geologist has proved to be a life changing decision and each second I feel grateful for that decision.”

Many say Usama is a role model and exemplifies what it means to work hard. His peers admire him for his dedication to his profession and the industry. From his arrival in Los Angeles to confronting the reality of life, he has risen to every occasion. “It’s not always easy, especially in the beginning. I had to save every penny. Sometimes I would see myself working 36 hours non-stop between Uber and my first product line.”, he added. His first accomplishment was dressing up Eve for an Autism Speaks event. This was a watershed moment in his development, and there was no turning back. To know more one can visit his website or follow him on instagram.


A woman’s clothes boutique was his first foray into the fashion sector, since he travelled to LA many times a year for business. Later, he made the decision to relocate to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in fashion design, and began working on his first clothing line. Accomplished success in the field.

Having dressed the rapper Eve for an Autism Speaks event after his debut collection, he was later on able to dress Tyra Banks, Carrie Underwood, Thalia, Anitta, Saweetie, Lauren Jauregui, Nikita Dragun and many more. His next collection and fashion show will be launched in March 2022 with a bright and sensual modern twist.

Media Information

Business Name: Usama Ishtay

Contact Name: Francis Cardenas

Company: Usama Ishtay

Website: www.usamaishtay.com

Email: media ( @ ) usamaishtay dot com

Country: USA / CA