Spondee will perform environmentally conscious, atmospheric, and immersive music during the Westobou Festival at the Westobou Gallery in Augusta, GA on Dec. 3, 2021.

Spondee, a music group from Athens, GA, is an improvising duo made up of Marc Gilley, saxophone, and Louis Romanos, drums. They will perform during the Westobou Festival at the Westobou Gallery in Augusta, GA on Dec. 3, 2021 starting at 6 pm.  Using the improvisatory language of modern jazz and electronically produced elements of musical collage, environmental sounds, and poetry, they create an immersive musical experience.

This music was developed over the past two years. Crafting immersive audio, capturing environmental ambiences from birds to wind chimes and then developing the techniques to bring it to a live performance has been a challenge and they are excited to present this work at the Westobou Gallery. One of the joys of presenting this music arises from the contrast of the atmospheres of the natural world with the interior world of the performance venue. Presenting this work in the Westobou Gallery, filled with paintings and other artwork, will deepen the already immersive effect of the music.

This duo is drawn to the possibilities of creating, recombining, refining and discovering anew the environmental sounds of the world we live in and exploring them through the practice improvisation. Each time they play the pieces are newly recomposed and are imbued with new layers of meaning gathered in the practice of performance, in the venue, and via the audience’s attention and reaction. The music is continually surprising to listener and performer alike and so the band is looking forward to bringing this music to Augusta, GA for the first time.