EoS4U believes that not only large corporations can enjoy the benefits of professional purchasing services. When one gets sick, the person calls the doctor. When one runs the business, one uses the services of accounting and law firms. We find Purchasing to be much-overlooked part.

“Every euro saved on purchasing goes straight to the bottom line.” – CPO, EoS4U.

That is why we built the end-to-end purchasing platform. It provides the ultimate flexibility of the subscription-based service combined with the simplicity of use and our experience in procurement.

Here is how it works: a business places the order and the date or joins the existing order, accepts the binding offer, and receives the goods – the rest is handled by the EoS4U. We take care of the search, due diligence, negotiations, and paperwork – just like the on-premise department, but without associated costs and management overhead.

EoS4U https://eos4u.biz/ is the purchasing platform as a service, that aims to bring the benefits of the professional procurement to the smaller businesses.