Doctor Kiltz Nutritional Solutions Offers a Paleo, Keto, and Carnivore friendly Whole Food Supplement from Nature’s Top Superfoods – Organ Meats.

Renowned reproductive specialist Dr. Robert Kiltz, an icon in the fertility world who has utilized paleo, keto and carnivore diets in his fertility treatment protocols has developed a dietary supplement line based on our ancestral way of eating.

Doctor Kiltz Nutritional Solutions product line features a stand-alone liver supplement and an organ meat blend that includes cow liver, kidney, brain, heart, spleen, and pancreas.

All products originate from the finest New Zealand Cattle which graze on open pastures year-round. While all organ meats are incredibly high in nutrients and are revered by ancient cultures and modern nutritionists alike, studies show the pristine pastures the cattle graze on and high-quality of life of New Zealand Cattles yields organ meats with vastly superior nutrient profiles than American raised cattle.

While eating organ meats may sound strange to the modern American consumer, it wasn’t until recently that organ meats made their way off most American dinner plates; in fact most cultures around the world still eat large amounts of organ meats.

In fact, most scientists agree that our human ancestors ate nose to tail, utilizing all parts of the animal relied on, and even revered organ meats—specifically the liver, heart, spleen, kidney, pancreas, and even brain. That’s because organ meats provide the key vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, and growth factors the human body needs to prosper and are some of the most nutrient-dense foods (on a per weight basis) available to us, even more so than so-called superfoods like blueberries and kale.

But, in today’s day and age organ meats can be difficult to obtain, challenging to prepare, and are often not very palatable to the modern tongue.

Recognizing that most of his friends and patients no longer consumed these organ meat superfoods with any regularity, Dr. Kiltz created Doctor Kiltz Nutritional Solutions to fill the nutritional gaps in most people’s diets.

“Most of us are missing out on the most nutritious parts of animals,” shares Dr. Kiltz. “Adding a few organ meat capsules to your diet is a simple way to ensure your body is getting all of the most important nutrients to thrive. The vitamins, minerals, biomolecules, growth factors and other nutrients found in these ancient superfoods have been shown to support energy levels, improve brain function, protect against cancer, boost your immune system, and support bone health, heart health, fertility, and more.”

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Doctor Kiltz Nutritional Solutions combines ancient nutritional wisdom and modern science to create potent dietary supplements that leverage the power of organ meats to provide vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, and growth factors your body needs to prosper.

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