Geosite, the company that builds business intelligence software for any application that uses spatial data, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leader in reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services, today launch Ascend. The cloud-based platform fuses data related to methane emissions from disparate sources like internet of things (IoT) devices, drones, and satellites into a single, easy-to-use environment for frontline workers tasked with daily operations.

“Methane emissions from the energy industry are a leading contributor to climate change yet companies currently rely upon resource-intensive, manual monitoring of wells and pipelines for leaks,” points out Rachel Olney, Geosite’s CEO and Founder. “Ascend automates that process and provides quick visualization, communication, collaboration, and decision making so the right person gets to the right location at the right time to minimize emissions. This increases accuracy and efficiency of mitigating emissions leaks which is both helpful to our customers and to the planet.”

One of the largest methane sources contributing to climate change is the oil and gas industry, according to the Environmental Defence Fund. The industry works hard to reduce emissions, much of which come from unforeseen leaks that must be constantly monitored using IoT devices, drones, satellites, and other data sources that traditionally rely on highly trained experts to aggregate and interpret.

Ascend automatically tracks locations of high methane emissions, the scale and scope of incidents, and provides advanced analytics tools for predictive maintenance and incident response. Combined with Geosite’s communications and project management capabilities, which enable remote operations and mitigation efforts, operators can now lower methane emission events and manage their assets more efficiently.

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Geosite is a SaaS platform with applications for enterprise users that leverage spatial data for operations, planning, and analysis. From search and rescue coordination across the U.S. to insurance underwriting and claims, Geosite fuses complex data into simple workflows by delivering the power of geospatial data directly to business operations from multiple satellite, drone, IoT, and geospatial analytic sources. The company was founded in 2018 by Rachel Olney, a Stanford Ph.D. and Forbes “30-Under-30” top entrepreneur for enterprise technology. The company is backed by marquee venture capitalists including YCombinator, Bee Partners, Lavrock, NextGen Venture Partners, and MS&AD Ventures. For information about Geosite visit:

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