Micah Heinold Thought Showing Off His Mullet On Social Media Would Be Funny, Little Did He Know it Would Change His Life

It is no secret that the 2020 pandemic ushered in a new era of social media as millions flocked to TikTok to stay entertained, learn new skills, and cultivate community. Micah Heinold, a 19-year old from Katy, Texas joined the social platform sharing humorous videos about his long and rather outdated hairstyle. Micah is known to rock the famed mullet with unabashed confidence and poise as thousands upon thousands hit follow to see more of his content relating to the outdoors and hunting community. After only a short while, Micah had harnessed an impressive following that would no doubt change the rest of his life. 

Micah’s southern charm, quick wit, and passion for the outdoors kickstarted a mullet-craze on TikTok, allowing Micah to find community and inspiration in the most unlikely of places. As his videos began to go viral, Micah began to engage with his following on another level, going ‘Live’ to answer questions from his fans. When one follower commented ‘you should put a mullet on a deer’, a light went off in Micah’s head and his entrepreneurial spirit took over to set the groundwork for what would become an incredibly successful online apparel brand. 

Working in collaboration with his father Jerry, a talented graphic designer and marketer, they began developing the Deer Mullet brand and expanding Micah’s social presence to become a breeding ground for opportunity, sharing innovative ideas and facilitating intentional collaborations for TikTok users around the world. What began as a funny video about his mullet quickly developed into a full-blown business that would set Micah up for a promising future and opportunity to create generational wealth. 

Deer Mullet has enabled Micah to not only help pay for his college education but also begin a secondary freelance photography business venture where he can further explore his passion for the outdoors and nature. 

“I never would have imagined a haircut would take me this far!”  – Micah Heinold

Through proof of concept, dedication to community, and unwavering commitment to bringing joy and humor to the public amid trying times, Micah Heinold’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with Deer Mullet.

To learn more about Deer Mullet, please visit: https://deermullet.com/ 



About Deer Mullet

Deer Mullet is an e-commerce apparel store depicting deer and other wildlife with mullets. Founded by Micah Heinold in 2020, a teen from College Station, Texas, Deer Mullet seeks to bring joy, laughter, and unity to the outdoors community, and act as a beacon of light amid troubling times. Micah began posting TikTok’s in 2020 about his mullet, creating satirical content that millions have come to love. One day a fan commented that they should put a mullet on a deer, and Micah’s vision began. Working hand in hand with his father, a seasoned graphic designer, and marketer, they began the Deer Mullet brand, offering various apparel, accessories, and gifts for the hunting and outdoor demographics. Since its founding, Deer Mullet has been seen on hundreds of social media influencers and harnessed international attention for its creative flair.