He discussed the impact this Windport will have on New Jersey such as improvement to the environment and a boost in the workforce with added jobs.

Recently, the State of New Jersey and PSEG joined forces to develop the Nation’s first offshore wind production port. According to Raichle, “New Jersey has the best wind resources in the country, and a plan to leverage them.” The NJ Windport will serve development of New Jersey’s wind resources as well as those of most of the Mid-Atlantic seaboard.

The facility, on 200 acres adjoining the Salem County nuclear-power complex, will be the nation’s first purpose-built onshore site for servicing an industry that’s key to achieving the State of New Jersey’s clean-energy goals and contributing to global carbon emission reductions.

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About Andy Raichle, PE:

Andy Raichle is a civil and marine engineer with nearly 30 years of international experience in delivering waterfront development and maritime projects, including ports, warehousing, parks, resorts, marinas, parks, shore protection, and urban redevelopment projects. Well-versed in the technical, political, and regulatory specialties unique to the process of waterfront development/ redevelopment, he has managed projects throughout the U.S., U.S. territories, and the Caribbean. Mr. Raichle’s marquee project experience includes Atlantis Paradise Island, Miami’s Fisher Island, the Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor, and Lower Manhattan’s “Big U” Resiliency Project. For more than two decades, Mr. Raichle has focused on redevelopment and port development in the New York Harbor Complex, serving as the Engineer of Record for hundreds of waterfront projects. Most recently, Mr. Raichle has been leading teams of engineers, environmental specialists, and surveyors responding to Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Maria by implementing recovery and resiliency projects.

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