Artist Philly.C makes it a compulsion for his listeners to go back to his profile on SoundCloud repetitively, and feel the musical spell of the Hip-hop artist from Canada.

Toronto, Ontario Nov 12, 2021 (  – With an incessant effort to develop his career around hip-hop music, the artist Philly.C is very passionate and dedicated in his path to becoming one of the best hip-hop music artists of his field. His endeavour is evident in his songs. With mesmerizing vocals which have been beautified by the intoxicating musical beats, the artist has been giving some amazing pieces of music of the genre. It is certain that his songs will be proven as accelerants of the growth of the genre. The versatility in his voice is another focal point that easily draws the attention of people to his music.

A congruency can be felt in his mixing of beats with the lyricism that feels like melting glaciers into the ocean. The effort in creating such harmony is huge, as most of the artists often face failure in this. His songs, ‘Keep Up (Prod. Mors)’, ‘30 Rounds (Prod. Lasik Beats)’, ‘S.O.A.B. Freestyle (Goddy Beats)’, are unique in their style. They possess a harmonious fusion of beats rhythm and lyricism, which enhances the glory of his craft to a different level. All the songs including, ‘No Words (Prod. Dinamico Beats) [Bonus Song]’ and ‘STRV4 (Prod. MVS Productions)’carry a captivating charm that makes it a compulsion for his audience to come back to his profile repetitively to feel the spell of his music.

Although many hip-hop artists often are ignorant about the poetic techniques, however, the Hip-hop artist from Canada has saved his song from absurdity by incorporating poetic techniques and rhetoric. Moreover, The Vocal of Philly.C reflects his attitude and energy which even communicates with his audience, and make them engage with his music throughout the playtime. Listen to his songs, ‘No Words (Prod. Dinamico Beats) [Bonus Song]’ and ‘STRV4 (Prod. MVS Productions)’ on SoundCloud and feel his art. Even his Instagram and Twitter are open for his listeners and his fans to hear from them.

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