With their passion and talent, Tilswall’s engineers, product designers and skilled workers are working together to drive the technological revolution and clean energy use to efficiently meet the diverse needs of users for engineering and construction, home improvement, gardening, car repair and maintenance, while contributing to environmental protection and human health.

“With more and more people preferring to make or repair their own furniture, a practical yet compact tool is in demand, and Tilswall’s designers have designed an ergonomic sander designed to make DIY crafts easier.” Says David Chen, Brand Director of Tilswall.

The Tilswall mouse sander is compact and ergonomic, with a fully wrapped soft rubber handle to reduce fatigue from sander vibration and an oval design that fits perfectly in the palm of the hand and provides greater soft grip control. 1.15 kg of weight makes it easy to sand any surface.

The shape of the detail sander allows easy access to tight corners and is perfect for removing paint and rust, cleaning glass, sanding old furniture, sanding in tight spaces and completing DIY projects with ease.

The sander is currently available in the flagship shop and on the website and has received a lot of positive feedback. With great savings available now, the Tilswall mouse sander is sure to become one of the must-have tools in your home toolroom.

Access the website to get more details: https://www.tilswall.com/