The Internationally Renowned Cybersecurity Company Has Developed Proprietary Solutions to Protect Client Databases Around the World

The rise of the digital renaissance has ushered in a new era of innovation, interaction, and e-commerce to effectively change the way the world conducts business. That said, the modern marketplace has its fair share of victories, but also its downfalls. Now more than ever, sensitive financial and personal information can be readily stolen if improper security measures are in place, posing a threat for businesses and individuals around the world. However, one purpose-driven cybersecurity SAS company is on a mission to change the face of this modern marketplace as we know it. 

Trustseed, the internationally renowned cybersecurity SAS company has developed innovative security solutions to protect sensitive information in databases around the world. As the digital transformation continues, 12 major interdependent technological challenges place information in a vulnerable position for fraud, creating an economic risk for nations across the world. Trustseed’s various security solutions address these challenges to cultivate a new standard for business transactions that follow a distinct set of rules to guarantee legal value, personal data, and ultra-secure correspondence that are certified with their signature TrustIDValue. 

“The combination in real-time of the 12 Security and Compliance Rules protecting a multitude of natural or legal persons (Employees) in Internet correspondence through their respective trust services (Front Office), is based on a “trinary architecture” whose multilateral blockchain ensures in real-time to the Control and Guarantee Bodies the rating of each digital identity and each biometric authentication means (TrustIDvalueTM).” – Eric Blot-Lefevre, CEO & Founder

Trust is at the forefront of all digital business transactions and interactions, both internal and external. Clients of Trustseed are guaranteed an unparalleled digital trust relationship reinforced by a trinary architecture to cover cybersecurity from all angles, and on all marketplaces. 

Trustseed offers various software and encryption services to clients dedicated to curating lasting change and a new standard of security compliance in the digital age. Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to protecting precious data; Trustseed’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with their signature TrustIDValue.

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About Trustseed

Trustseed is a global SAS cybersecurity company dedicated to offering innovative solutions to keep sensitive data and information private and secure amid the digital renaissance. Founded in 2002 by Eric Blot-Lefevre, Trustseed promotes a new global and disruptive model for digital transactions by asserting trust, security and compliance using trinary systems to set a new standard for secure business transactions. TrustSeed was awarded the 2016 Seal of Excellence in Digital Security and Trust Architectures by the ”Commissioner for Regional Policy” (Corina Creţu) and the ”Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation” (Carlos Moedas) for its application of the trinary system to business-to-business networks (Seal of Excellence, Registered by the European Commission.