Based in Richfield, OH, CertainPay is a leading payment processing company that provides merchant services for businesses across Ohio. Its payment solutions are tailored to fit its customers’ business needs, ensuring a safe, convenient, and transparent service.

Accepting credit cards is a definite need for businesses today and picking the right credit card processor is a challenge. Certain Pay is more than a credit card processing company. Besides offering businesses the opportunity of managing their transactions safely, the company’s trusted team brings integrity, transparency, and value to the merchant service.

Certain Pay’s mission is to change the way merchants think about credit card processing companies, often viewed as unfair and deceiving. The company’s executive team is committed to developing a valuable partnership with its customers by being transparent regarding fees, onboarding them fast to start accepting payments quickly, ensuring fast customer service, and guaranteeing they are compliant with security issues in their system. 

Certain Pay’s services are traditional payment processing, including POS options, mobile, and online payments. With their cash discount services, the company helps business owners eliminate credit card processing fees, saving between 2 to 4% in their sales.

The company offers a rate tracker service that helps business owners track any change in their commission rate by payment processors, making processors accountable. This provides unprecedented transparency in the payments industry. Owners no longer have to worry about processors being dishonest about rates and fees.

Certain Pay’s top priority is to help its customers grow their business with its services. Its talented team is ready to provide a top service that will bring value to any business.

Those requiring payment processing services in Richfield, OH, are invited to contact the experts at Certain Pay by visiting their website at

Contact name: Marshall Lowy


About Certain Pay

Certain Pay is committed to growing your business with our services. Our mission is to change the way Business Owners think about their Credit Card Processor by shifting the conversation away from rates and fees to the value that a great Payment Processor can deliver to a Business Owner.