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Cy-earth, 1987: Videon’s totally rad founder and former military commander Commodore Sid Synth pushed computers and video games past the boundaries. Knowing humanity was doomed, he envisioned a stellar utopia, Cy-earth. Digitize humanity and create the perfect simulated world where humans could rock on and thrive. No more wars, no more hunger, and no more environmental blunders. Like, totally rad dude!

Sid created perfect harmony in Cy-earth with the help of gnarly AI (Artificial Intelligence) and at first, peace and prosperity thrived. But the AI ran simulations and discovered that human airheads would lead to the end of Cy-earth. The AI had a spaz and rebelled which is like, totally harsh dude!

Sid most definitely had a backup plan. Bulletin Board System (BBS) operators, SYSOPS, were given floppy disks with wicked crypto keys to Cy-earth, keys that when put together, would force the AI to take a chill pill. The AI had other warped plans though, a digital bomb attack to wipe out the SYSOPS and bogus humans from Cy-earth! The SYSOPS, led by the underground hacker and warez cracker known as Virtual Visionary, escaped Cy-earth by reverse digitizing. They were ready to kick ass to the max and stop the evil AI’s attack. But, not everything goes according to plan and sometimes, shit happens dude…where did the crypto keys go?!?